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Come and join Zelie, Zav, Milo, Sofie and Sam on their adventures in the land of Sandlandia.

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Here's an interactive map of Sandlandia - where do you want to go? Just click on it and explore.

Hurricane Hole Old Church Pirate Ships Noisy Waters Smugglers Creek Red Cove Breezy Corner Trade Winds Red Port Coconut Coast Fairlight Lighthouse Sandopolis Palace of the Flowers Sandopolis Bay The Compass The Jungle The country of Sandlandia

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Super Sleuths colouring in sheets
Special Super Sleuths words:

Many things in Sandlandia have different names to the ones we use. That's because a lot of them have been invented by Professor Sinclair using old books and diagrams. Here's a list to help you.

Power packs... batteries

Talker/listener... mobile or cell phone

Illuminators... electric lights

Cool boxes... fridges

Great Line... the Equator

The North... all land above Red Cove

Moving way... train or railway line

Navigator... a mapper of land and sea

Magic fog... smoke

The Barnaby Tree... an old mango tree which is easy to climb

Cast of characters:

House of Sinclair.

Professor Raoul Sinclair, Inventor and Engineer.

Albie, his son and joint inventor.

Flavia Sinclair, his wife a herbalist and healer.

Zav and Zelie their twin youngest children.

Zelie has magical powers inherited from her mother and a talking parrot called Ana.

They live in Sandlandia.

House of Wheeler.

Jett Wheeler, Sea Captain of the ship The Golden Ram. He brings home books from the
'Old Times'.

The super sleuths had used one book called Sherlock Holmes to decide to be detectives. Raoul Sinclair uses the books he brought to invent machines to make their lives more comfortable.

Milo, Captain Jett's son, the youngest of the sleuths.

They live in Sandlandia.

House of Arden.

Peter and Jocasta Arden.

Sam and Sofie their children.

Sam is the oldest of the sleuths and Sofie, like Zelie, has magical powers inherited from her mother. Her parrot is called Demaria.

They live in Red Cove.

Royal House of Richmondo.

The rulers of Sandlandia, the sleuths' country. They live in the city of Sandopolis in the Palace of the Flowers.

King Lucio.

Queen Aurelia.

Princess Richenda, their daughter and a member of the Super Sleuths. She also has magical powers...

House of Contuti.

Count Zuto, a meddler, always up to no good but hard to catch in wrong doing.

Countess Rosina, his wife. She has magical powers but only uses them for evil.

Tergel and Gergo, their sons.

Royal House of Barbosa.

Prince Percival.

Prince Igor, his son.

They live in French Town but visit Sandopolis.

The Black Cross Gang.

The most feared pirates in Sandlandia. Their ship is called The Black Vulture.

The Super Sleuths give them nicknames to make them feel less scary!
Vinicius, a clever member of the crew in league with Count Zuto; known as Vile Vinicius.
Horrible Humberto.
Filthy Fernando
The Dentist.


In Sandopolis

Three Men in a Boat
The Slimy Tombstone

In Red Port

Molly Malones
The Crooked Man

Coming soon in the Super Sleuth Series:

Book 8 Super Sleuths and the .... we'll let you know soon!

Artwork by Mouldy Wood
You can contact him on Twitter or Instagram @mouldyart

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